An educational nonprofit
founded to disseminate wisdom openly and to aid learners/seekers in rising to the personal and planetary challenges of the 21st century, and beyond.
Towards this, Roger Weir spent his life developing an open approach to learning
“Fifty years from now if an understanding of man's origins, his evolution, his history, his progress is not in the common place of the school books we shall not exist.”
- Jacob Bronowski, "The Long Childhood", The Ascent of Man, TV series (1973)
“The great failure of the 20th Century was the failure to disseminate the great developments in science and art to the masses. Only through an education tuning man to East and West, to the creme de la creme of Art, History and Science throughout civilization can we seek to recalibrate this.”
- Roger Weir (2008)
Building an educational presentation form drawn and refined from wisdom traditions, nature, history, art and science, expanding from our origins to future and cosmic visions.
Calibrating knowledge of special persons who built our planet's civilizations.
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