Reference Works

The following is an incomplete list of works relevant to the presentations.

2001: A Space Odyssey6th SymphonyA Discourse of Hermes to Tat Concerning the Mind and MenA Discourse of Hermes Trismegistus to Thoth Concerning Mind in MenA Discourse of Mind to HermesA Feeling For The OrganismA Handbook of Greek MythologyA Holy Book of Hermes Trismegistus Addressed to AsclepiusA Study of Correlations in Historical EventsA Study of the Transformations and Symbolisms of the Libido: A Contribution to the History of the Evolution of ThoughtA VisionA Week on the Concord and Merrimack RiversAbout The Contemplative LifeAdam’s Ancestors: The Evolution of Man and his CultureAdornment of the Spiritual MarriageAdvancement of LearningAitareya Upanishad (Mukhya Upanishad)Alchemical Active ImaginationAlchemical HieroglyphicsAlchemyAlice in Wonderland An Account of General LaFayette's Visit to Virginia, in the years 1824-1825AnalectsAnatomy of the Psyche: Alchemical Symbolism in PsychotherapyAnd God Created Great WhalesAnima AnimusAnswer to JobAntiquities of the JewsAntony and CleopatraAon: Researches into the Phenomenology of the SelfArcana MundiArt And Intuition in YogaArt and Yoga in IndiaArticles of Confederation (U.S.A.)As I Lay DyingAstrology Among the Greeks and RomansAstrology and the RenaissanceAstronomy and Astrology of the BabyloniansAtharvavedaAttack On ChristendomAurora ConsurgensAutobiography of Benjamin FranklinBacchaeBacchae Of Euripides: A Communion RiteBeauty and the Beast Beggars in SpainBeowulfBhagavad GitaBilly BuddBlack Elk SpeaksBlack Holes And Time WarpsBlake and TraditionBodhicaryavatara (A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life)Book of JobBook of KellsBook of MenciusBook of PsalmsBrats StationBright Galaxies For Dark MattersBrihadaranyaka Upanishad (Mukhya Upanishad)By SilenceC. G. Jung: His Myth for our TimeCalculusCanterbury TalesCarl Jung: Collected Works 10Carl Jung: Collected Works 13Carl Jung: Collected Works 15Carl Jung: Collected Works 16Carl Jung: Collected Works 17Carl Jung: Collected Works 4Carl Jung: Collected Works 7Carl Jung: Collected Works 8Carl Jung: Collected Works 9Ch'i Pai Shih's PaintingsChandogya Upanishad (Mukhya Upanishad)Chariots of FireChemical MarriageChristianopolis: An Ideal of the 17th CenturyChuang TzuCity of GodCivil DisobedienceClarelClassical Literary Criticism. Aristotle: On the Art of Poetry, Horace: On the Art of Poetry, Longinus: On the SublimeCollected Papers on Analytical PsychologyCollection of the Essene Writings from Quran (aka The Rule Annex)Collective Dialogues of PlatoComparative PsychologyConceptions of God in Ancient EgyptConcerning The Cave of The NymphsConcerning the Spiritual In ArtConcluding UnscientificConfessionsConscious Transformations in the Structure and Dynamics of His PsycheConsciousness in ConcordConsolation of PhilosophyConstitution of the United States (U.S.A.)Corpus HermeticumDaisy Miller Das Glasperlenspiel (aka The Glass Bead Game) Dead Sea Scroll: The Commentary on the Prophet NahumDead Sea ScrollsDeclaration of Independence (U.S.A.)DeerslayerDemian Demonology and Devil WarDes AstronomicaDeuteronomyDialoguesDictionary of Analytical PsychologyDidache: The Teaching of the Twelve ApostlesDisclosing The Past: An AutobiographyDoctor Dolittle Dogma and Natural SymbolsDon QuixoteEcclesiastical History of English PeopleEgyptian Book Of The DeadEgyptian Grammar: Being an Introduction to the Study of HieroglyphsEgyptian Grammer Being an Introduction to the Study of HieroglyphsElements of TheologyEncyclopedia BritannicaEsoteric Mathematics for Understanding PlatoEssay on WotanExodusFaustFederalist PapersFirst MaccabeesForbidden PlanetFour Stages of Greek ReligionFragments of A Faith ForgottenFragments of a Zodiac ManuscriptFragments of the Zadokite WorkFrank Lloyd Wright: Writing And BuildingsFrom India to the Planet MarsFrom Ritual To RomanceFull Bloom, Art And Life Of Georgia O'KeeffeGandhi Versus the EmpireGeneral Lafayette's Visit to Monticello and the University (Virginia University Magazine, vol. 4, 1859)GenesisGenomesGnosis The Nature and History of GnosticismGo Down, MosesGreek Magical PapyriGreek PietyHarvard Oriental SeriesHenry Moore, Writings and ConversationsHermes Guide of SoulsHermes the Thief: The Evolution of a MythHermetica (Four Volume Set)HiawathaHieroglyphics of Horapollo NilousHistory of PhilosophyHistory of The Christian Church, A Preparation for The GospelHoly LandHuai-Nan TzuHymn on FaithHymn to InannaHymn to Intellectual BeautyHymn to the BuddhaHymns to the NightI ChingIcemanIllustrated Tarzan Book 1 Illustrations of the Book of JobIonIsha Upanishad (Mukhya Upanishad)Isis and OsirisJatakaJerusalemJesus in AlexandriaJesus The MagicianJewish Gnosticism, Merkabah Mysticism and Talmudic TraditionJourney to the WestJung Collected Works Alchemical StudiesJung, His Life and WorkKaushitaki Upanishad (Mukhya Upanishad)Kena Upanishad (Mukhya Upanishad)King Grinch Bible CommentaryKing James BibleKore Kosmou (Hermetica)La Comedie HumaineLast of the MohicansLeaves of GrassLectures on the Philosophy of World HistoryLetters Upon the Aesthetic Education of ManLeviticusLi Po And Tu Fu: Poems Selected And Translated With An Introduction And Notes (Penguin Classics)Life of PythagorasLiking The Soul to A ProstituteLittle MenLittle WomenLove's BodyMacroevolutionMacroevolution, Diversity, Disparity, Contingency: Essays In Honor Of Stephen Jay GouldMahabharataMahayanaMahidasa AitareyaMajor Trends in Jewish MysticismMan and the SupernaturalManetho, History of Egypt and Other WorksMax Ernst, A RetrospectiveMeaning Of MeaningMeditationsMemories, Dreams and ReflectionsMetamorphosesMoby DickModern Man in Search of a SoulMoraliaMy Funny Valentine Mysterious MountainMysterium ConiunctionisMyth and Symbol in Ancient EgyptMyth, Literature And The African WorldMyths of the Origins of FireNag Hammadi libraryNatural HistoryNatureNature and IdeaNature Of Space And TimeNavajo Medicine Man SandpaintingsNeoplatonism and Indian ThoughtNew Testament (Holy Bible)Niels Bohr's TimesNinth SymphonyNovum OrganumNumbersOde To JoyOld Testament (Holy Bible)On Psychic EnergyOn The Aesthetic Education Of ManOn the Contemplative LifeOn the Edge of the Primeval Forest On the MysteriesOn the Nature of the GodsOn The SublimeOne Thousand and One Arabian NightsOpus MajusOpus TripartiitumOrbis PictusOresteiaOutline History of Greek ReligionPagan and Christian in an Age of AnxietyParadisoParallel LivesPathfinderPatterns Of CulturePeloponnesian WarPhaedoPhaedrusPhilebusPhilosophiæ Naturalis Principia MathematicaPhilosophy of Science and the OccultPierre: or The AmbiguitiesPistis SophiaPlatform Sutra of the 6th PatriarchPlatonic TheologyPlotinusPlotinus the Road to RealityPluralistic UniversePoimandres (Corpus Hermeticum)Polarity and Analogy: Two Types of Argumentation in Early Greek ThoughtPorphyry: On the Life of Plotinus and the Arrangement of His WorkPracticing the PresencePraises of GodPrajnaparamita Sutra (The Perfection of Wisdom)Prayers Of the Heart for Soren KierkegaardPreparation for the GospelProlegomena to the Study of Greek ReligionPrometheus UnboundPsyche: On the Development of the Soul – Part 1: The UnconsciousPsychological TypesPsychology and AlchemyPsychology and LiteraturePsychology and ReligionPsychology of The Unconscious: A Study of the Transformations and Symbolisms of the Libido, A Contribution to the History of the Evolution of ThoughtPyramid TextsPythian PoemsQED - The Strange Theory Of Light And MatterQuatermass and the PitRamayanaRatnaguna Samcaya GathaRecords of the Grand Historian of ChinaRevelations of Divine LoveSatthipatthana SutraSchelling: An Introduction to the System of FreedomScience and Civilization in ChinaScience in Traditional China: A Comparative PerspectiveSecretum SecretorumSelf Unfoldment by Disciplines of RealizationSeminar on Dream AnalysisSeptuagint Bible (Greek Old Testament)SermonsSeventh LetterShadow of the Third CenturyShatapatha BrahmanaShort History of Chinese CivilizationShvetashvatara Upanishad (Mukhya Upanishad)Siddhartha Sir Gawain and the Green KnightSmaragdine TabletSonnets to OrpheusSpeakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics Speculum AlchemicumSpirit in NatureSplendor SolisStar-BegottenSteppenwolfSymbols of Human GestaltsSynchronicity: An Acausal Connecting PrincipleSynesius of Cyrene Philosopher-BishopTaittiriya Upanishad (Mukhya Upanishad)Talavakara UpanishadTao Te ChingTarzan Tarzan of the Apes Testament of AbrahamTestament of AdamTestament of IsaacTestament of JacobTestament of JobTestament of MosesTestament of SolomonTestaments of the Twelve PatriarchsTetrabiblosThe Acts of JohnThe Adepts in the Western Esoteric Tradition: Orders of the QuestThe AeneidThe Aitareyan AranyakaThe Alchemical DevelopmentThe American DemocratThe American TranscendentalistsThe Amphitheatre of Eternal WisdomThe Analects of ConfuciusThe Ancient Library of QumranThe Annals of Imperial RomeThe Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old TestamentThe Apologia Pro Judea's (aka The Apology for the Jews)The Apotheosis of Homer (Painting)The Aquarian ConspiracyThe AranyakasThe Archetypes and Collective UnconsciousThe Ascent of ManThe AsclepiusThe Asseriac PsalmThe AtharvavedaThe Autonomy of the Unconscious MindThe Babylonian TalmudThe BacchaeThe Bardo Thodol 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or The Damascus Covenant)The Dead Sea ScrollsThe Deega NyikaThe Deerslayer (aka The First War-Path) The Descent of ManThe DhammapadaThe DialThe Divine ComedyThe Divine NamesThe Doctrine of Emanation for PlotinusThe Double HelixThe Dream Analysis SeminarsThe Duomo (Florence Cathedral)The Earliest Christian PrayersThe Ecclesiastical HierarchyThe Education of Henry AdamsThe Eighth Reveals the NinthThe Eleventh WingThe Emerald TabletThe Encyclopedia of ReligionThe EnneadsThe Enochian LiteratureThe Epistle to the HebrewsThe Essene Writings from QumranThe Essene Writings from QuranThe EssenesThe Five Stages of Greek ReligionThe Foundations of Newton's AlchemyThe Fourth EclogueThe French RevolutionThe General SermonThe Genesis ApocryphonThe Genesis RabbahThe Genius and Character of EmersonThe Gods of the EgyptiansThe Golden AssThe Golden BoughThe Golden Bowl The Gospel According to JohnThe Gospel According to LukeThe Gospel According to MatthewThe Gospel According to ThomasThe Gospel of 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OrderWisdom and the Q-Tradition the Aphoristic Teachings of JesusWritings of Pseudo-Dionysius