The foundation is currently undertaking large efforts on a lean budget.
Your financial assistance can be directed towards a specific initiative listed below (without administrative cost).
General use funds are appreciated as well.
The following is a partial list of opportunities for contributing to the learning initiatives of the foundation.

To contribute you may Donate Via Paypal or for larger contributions please contact us.

Please do include a note under: "Add special instructions to the seller" for which project you would like your funds to be allocated to. You will receive a confirmation and thank you email.

Give the Gift of Learning

Our mission is to make learning and wisdom available to as many as possible. Please support us by gifting another, or yourself with any of the following:

Gift a publication/book - $40 (includes shipping)

Purchase a transcript for yourself or send as a gift - $40 includes postage to you or intended gift recipient. Course List

Sponsor a learner digital presentation series plus printed notes $50 for printing of notes materials and postage, plus delivery of digital materials (includes personalized welcome email)

Gift a learner digital content - email us the person's info and we'll provide the requested digital materials and a personalized welcome email

Coordinate a webcast or provide digital content for your organization at no cost

Sponsor a teacher. Please contact us

Sponsor a school. Please contact us

Making archived works available

The foundation is working on digitizing and making available over 3000 digital and audio files, starting with the works of Mr. Weir but also including a growing body of other works. Please help us to make wisdom and learning available.

Digitize a presentation from cassette to MP3, upload and make available online for all: $50

Transcription of a presentation: $100 (includes necessary research and finishing for esoteric vocabulary)

Make a video presentation available online $200 (videos are recorded on analog media such as beta, vhs, and dv from 1990 onward)