Alexandria and Rome, 1982

by: Roger Weir

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Alexandria and Rome

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Thursdays, Jul 1, 1982 to Sep 30, 1982

  • Ptolemy and Manetho
    The Beginnings of Alexandria. Egyptian and Greek Origins, and the Tetrabiblos
      Recorded: July 1, 1982
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  • Callimachus and Plautus
    Alexandrine Literature, Roman Drama, and Greek Synthesis and Imitation
      Recorded: July 8, 1982
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  • Hannibal and Scipio Africanus
    The Punic Wars, Roman Character, and Soldier Priests
      Recorded: July 15, 1982
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  • Cicero and Lucretius
    Metropolitan Consolidation of the Roman Mind
      Recorded: July 22, 1982
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  • Cleopatra and Caesar
    Alexandria and Rome Wed Their Traditions
      Recorded: July 29, 1982
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  • Philo and Augustus
    The Civilization at Its Apex
      Recorded: August 5, 1982
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  • Virgil
    The Epic Poet of the Civilization
      Recorded: August 12, 1982
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  • Ovid and Horace
    Prize Literature in Roman Life: The Metamorphoses, Odes, and Satires
      Recorded: August 19, 1982
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  • Tacitus and Plutarch
    Histories, Annals, Germanica, and the Reigns of Nero and the Other Caesars
      Recorded: August 26, 1982
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  • Trajan and Hadrian
    The Pax Romanum as Its Greatest Extent
      Recorded: September 2, 1982
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  • Origen and Clement
    Alexandrian Christianity
      Recorded: September 9, 1982
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  • Hermes Trismegistus and Hypatia
    The Mystical Philosophy of Alexandria
      Recorded: September 16, 1982
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  • Marcus Aurelius and Plotinus
    Roman Stoicism and Alexandrian Esotericism
      Recorded: September 23, 1982
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  • Constantine
    The End of the Age, Founding Byzantium, and the Synthesis of Alexandria and Rome
      Recorded: September 30, 1982
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