Plato Series 1990


Roger Weir

This series is a basic introduction to a major root source of the entire Western Philosophic Trandition. This is a rare opportunity to survey an essential heritage. We will follow the translations in the Collected Dialogues of Plato, Bollingen Series LXXi, Princeton University Press

The audio cassettes of this series have not yet been digitized so they can be made available free of charge. Help support our archival efforts to make more series like this available.


  • Apology: the traditional beginning of Platonic philosophy: the reported statements made by Scoratees during the trial in which he was condemned to death by the state.
  • Phaedo: The Dialogue concerned with life after death Socrates final hours of life in prison.
  • Gorgias: Socrates dialogue with the famous teacher of Rhetoric who champions Power as the greatest good for man leading to happiness.
  • Meno
  • Protagoras
  • Phaedrus
  • Symposium
  • Republic
  • Theatetus
  • Parmenides
  • Sophist
  • Statesman
  • Timaeus

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