The Classic Greek Spirit, 1981

by: Roger Weir

The Classic Greek Spirit
11 of 12 presentations available
Thursdays, Oct 1, 1981 to Dec 17, 1981

This is the second part of a one-year-long series of lectures on the spiritual classics of the Greeks, the Orient (in two parts), and the United States.
  • Homer: Iliad @ Oct 01
    Wrath as a Spiritual Demons and Its Cure by Equilibrium of Form
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  • Homer: Odyssey @ Oct 08
    The Eternal Return, the Mythic Journey, and Athena as Guiding Star
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  • Orpheus and Mystery Religions @ Oct 15
    Greek Mystery Religions, Open Air Temples, Cave Oracles, and Orphic Hymnos
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  • Pythagoras @ Oct 22
    Tetractys, Cosmology, Geometric Vision, and Utopian Communities
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  • Aeschylus and Pindar @ Oct 29
    Origins of Tragedy as Form. The Oresteia, Prometheus, and Pythian Poems
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  • Sophocles and Euripides @ Nov 05
    Completed Balance in the Theban Trilogy and Risked Personas in the Mask Form
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  • Socrates and Plato @ Nov 12
    The Interior Individual. Dialogue as a Form. The Phaedo, and the Timaeus
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  • Aristotle and Aristophanes @ Nov 19
    Philosophy and Formal Reality. Old Comedy as a Spiritual Art
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  • Menander @ Nov 26
    The Middle Greek Comedy
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  • Herodotus and Thucydides @ Dec 03
    History and Its Forms. The Peloponnesian War as the Great-Power Archetype
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  • Alexander and Plutarch @ Dec 10
    The World Conqueror and His "Oikoumene." The Isis and Osiris, and the Parallel Lives
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  • Plotinus @ Dec 17
    The Completion of the Classic Greek Spirit to Its Transcendence from Formal Realism
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