New Testament Wisdom for Today's World, 1982

by: Roger Weir

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New Testament Wisdom for Today's World

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Wednesdays, Jan 6, 1982 to Feb 17, 1982

  •   Recorded: January 6, 1982
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  •   Recorded: January 13, 1982
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  • The Jesus of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Essene Esoteric Teacher of Righteousness
      Recorded: January 20, 1982
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  • Job and the Answer to Job. Carl Jung and Biblical and Psychological Esotericism
      Recorded: January 27, 1982
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  • John, Apostle of the Mystic Christ. Wisdom in the Johannine Gospel and Apocalypse
      Recorded: February 3, 1982
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  • Sophia, The Feminine Wisdom. The Figure of Wisdom: Woman Throughout the Ages.
      Recorded: February 10, 1982
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  • Ancient Goddesses in Christianity. Archetypal and Classical Motifs in the Figure of Mary Pistis Sophia
      Recorded: February 17, 1982
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