Manly P. Hall's Orders of the Quest, 1981

by: Roger Weir

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Manly P. Hall's Orders of the Quest

Single presentation
Thursday, Mar 19, 1981

This presentation by Mr. Weir discusses the classic work by Manly P. Hall, 'The Adepts in the Western Esoteric Tradition: Orders of the Quest'. This text discusses the history of secret doctrines in Europe from antiquity to the end of the Age of Chivalry. The account begins with Manes, whose philosophy has survived into modern times as the impelling force behind Christian Mysticism. The glory of the Guilds unfolds the traditions of the first organization to put into solemn practice the concept of the brotherhood of man. The troubadour, minnesinger, and meistersinger are considered, as well as the troubled story of the Knights Templar of Jerusalem. Taliesin, the Adept of Britain, finds his proper place in the descent of the wisdom of the Druids and the secret assemblies of Wales. Through Merlin, the magician, the reader meets King Arthur and there is an interpretation of the Round Table legendary. The wonderful stories of the Holy Grail, the Grail Kings, Parsifal, and Lohengrin are discussed, as well as early Christian contacts with China and other Eastern lands. The account ends with the search for the mysterious temple of Shamballah, said to stand on the Imperishable Island in the midst of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Mr. Weir's presentation facilitates an exploration and analysis of this important text.