Hermetic America: Transformational America, 1985

by: Roger Weir

Hermetic America: Transformational America
13 of 13 presentations available
Thursdays, Jul 4, 1985 to Sep 26, 1985

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  • Walt Whitman's Civil War @ Jul 04
    The Poet-seer in the Ruins of the Union
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  • Walt Whitman's Democratic Vistas @ Jul 11
    A Vision of Wholeness Reforged
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  • Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass @ Jul 18
    The Cosmic Man of Universal Vision
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  • Herman Melville's South Seas @ Jul 25
    Return to the Primitive Paradise
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  • Herman Melville's Confidence Man @ Aug 01
    Satan as a River-boat Con-man
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  • Herman Melville's Moby Dick @ Aug 08
    Pursuit of Nature as a Journey through Evil
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  • Herman Melville's Clarel @ Aug 15
    Epic Poem of a Journey to the Holy Land
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  • William James' Varieties of Religious Experience @ Aug 22
    Consciousness as a Multifaceted Integral
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  • William James' A Pluralistic Universe @ Aug 29
    Consciousness Expressed as a Matrix of Unbounded Ratios
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  • William James' Pragmatism @ Sep 05
    The Integral Mind Free in Life Experience
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  • John Dewey's Pragmatism @ Sep 12
    The Integral Mind Questing in Life-Action
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  • John Dewey's Experience and Nature @ Sep 19
    The Influence of Taoism China
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  • John Dewey's Education and Logic as "Inquiry" @ Sep 26
    The American Democrat Free in the Republic
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